Sports Mouth Guards Dubai : Best Sports Mouth Guards Dentists in Dubai. Best Cheap Dental Clinic for Sports Mouth Guards in Dubai at Best Price & Low Cost.
Sports Mouth Guards Dubai : Best Sports Mouth Guards Dentists in Dubai. Best Cheap Dental Clinic for Sports Mouth Guards in Dubai at Best Price & Low Cost.

Sports Mouth Guards

Sports Mouth Guards Dubai : Best Sports Mouth Guards Dentists in Dubai. Best Dental Clinic in Dubai : Cheap Dental Clinic for Sports Mouth Guards in Dubai at Best Price & Low Cost. Many sports enthusiasts are tempted to save their money and buy cheap over-the-counter mouth guards rather than have one professionally created for them. Mouth guards are absolutely essential in some sports, and at the top levels many athletes are not allowed to compete unless they are wearing them. This is because of the risk of serious injury that is posed by not wearing adequate protection.

There are many problems with generic products sold in stores though. Generally, they are thick and wide and don’t come in many different sizes. It’s impossible to create a universal mouth guard that fits the shape of everybody’s teeth, so cheap mouth guards can be very ineffective. Custom made mouth guards on the other hand are professionally designed by a dentist and are built to match the exact shape of your mouth and teeth.

Some of these over-the-counter items are branded as ‘moldable’, but this doesn’t make them effective as protective devices. The way these items can be ‘molded’ is by biting into them after having let them soak in boiled water. This does help them fit into your mouth better, but it is a very imprecise procedure for fitting a mouth guard. In many cases, these guards still do not hold well during a sports game, and often fall when the pace picks up.

Another disadvantage is that the athlete usually has to consciously make an effort to keep the over-the-counter or moldable guard in place. This could not be more inconvenient amidst the pressure of an important sporting clash. Some even find it hard to breathe properly when they are using such products.

The feel of cheap mouth guards inside an athlete’s mouth is also undesirable. Because of their cheap materials and production, they feel rough in the corners of your mouth and they’re hard to trim. Athletes often ditch them during a game because they couldn’t put up with the discomfort they were causing.

If wearing a guard that is a bad fit for your mouth, you put yourself at risk of sustaining a bad injury. If you are hit by repeated high-impact collisions then one of these guards is likely to fall out, leaving your mouth area completely unprotected.

When a dentist creates a custom-fitted mouth guard, they take an impression of your teeth and mouth, and manufacture the guard to fit into your mouth perfectly and to mold around your teeth tightly. It is also carefully trimmed and smoothed on the edges so that it is comfortable to wear and doesn’t rub or cause any damage to the soft tissues inside your mouth.

Mouth guards like this are very beneficial. They do not cause irritation, are comfortable to wear, and they do not fall out when you take a hit. All in all, with a professionally made mouth guard, you give yourself the highest possible level of protection for your mouth that you could possibly have.

Custom mouth guards usually last for a long time, but you should get a new one created when your current guard deteriorates over time. Adolescents will need to have new custom mouth guards created periodically as they continue growing.

Be wary of companies who are selling ‘custom fit’ mouth guards. These sound tempting as they are cheaper than having a guard professionally made. As tempting as they may sound, the quality of these products is a lot lower than the quality of a protective guard that has been tailor made. For this type of guard you have to make an impression of you teeth at home by yourself.

This is a very difficult skill, and you are almost guaranteed not to make as accurate of an impression that a professionally trained dentist would be able to achieve. It takes professionals years to master the skill of taking teeth impressions and pouring dental casts, which emphasises how difficult it is to do successfully on your own. Is it not better to let the trained hands of a dentist take care of this process?

The advantages of having a mouth guard made by a trained professional far outweigh the benefits of taking a cheaper option. There are some things that are worth spending extra money on, and your protection from long-term injury is definitely on of them. To ensure you get the most protection possible, leave it to the professionals.

Sports Mouth Guards

Sports Mouth Guards Dubai : Best Sports Mouth Guards Dentists in Dubai. Best Dental Clinic in Dubai : Cheap Dental Clinic for Sports Mouth Guards in Dubai at Best Price & Low Cost. Wearing a mouthguard can seem uncomfortable and a bit overrated until the moment you realize it is critical to your dental safety during sporting activities.

With school back in session, high school and college athletes are heading out to practice again. Sports related injuries are inevitable. Wearing a sports mouthguard can be instrumental in preventing many of the injuries that come as a result of blows to the head, face, and jawbone.

Wearing a mouthguard while participating in your sport of choice can save you from unnecessary dental injuries, protect the jaw, prevent cuts to the cheek and tongue, and help you avoid serious injuries to the roots and bone that hold your teeth in place. Perhaps most importantly, wearing a mouth guard can also help to prevent concussions.

As a dentist who has practiced general dentistry, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants, I often see sports related injuries. These cases often need significant dental repair. Often times these injuries could have been avoided if dental safety precautions, such as wearing a mouthguard, were heeded.

In 1962 mouthguards became a requirement for high school and college football. As a result, the percentage of mouth injuries dropped from 50% to 0.5%. Although mouth guards are not required in all sports, all athletes should wear them. The risk for a dental sports related injury is greater in other sports than it is in football. For instance, only 7% of basketball players wear mouth guards, but the risk in basketball for injury to the face, mouth, and jawbone is actually greater.

If you are planning on wearing a mouthguard as a part of your dental safety precautions, there are a few different types of mouthguards to consider. Each type has some level of protection, but they are not all equal in effectiveness.

Types of Mouthguards:

  • Custom Made Mouthguards: These mouthguards are formed to your teeth at the dental office and are proven to be the best protection, although they are the most expensive option.
  • Mouth Formed Mouthguards: These guards are put into boiling water and then placed in the athlete’s mouth to form to the contours of the teeth. These mouthguards are not as flexible as the custom made guards. Most mouth formed guards provide adequate protection.
  • Ready-Made Mouthguards: These mouthguards are sold over-the-counter. They are the least expensive option, least comfortable, and the least effective. Dentists do not recommend them.

As you are planning your new season of athletics, remember dental safety should be a priority and wearing a mouthguard comes hand-in-hand.

Sports Mouth Guards Dubai

Sports Mouth Guards Dubai : Best Sports Mouth Guards Dentists in Dubai. Best Dental Clinic in Dubai : Cheap Dental Clinic for Sports Mouth Guards in Dubai at Best Price & Low Cost. Have you woken up with sore jaws, tense or tired muscles? If so you may need a mouth guard.

Bruxism or more commonly called grinding is excess wear on our teeth. As stress increases and anxiety heightens our bodies release this energy. It may even be caused by intense concentration. Young children often show signs of bruxism but generally it goes away.

Symptoms of bruxism often include loud sounds and worn teeth which often leads to increased sensitivity. Jaw pain (TMJ), clicking, earache and headache. Chewing of the cheek, sore or tense muscles. All may be signs of bruxism.

There are different types of mouth guards, so it is important to consult your dentist to be sure you choose the correct type. Athletic guards are worn for sports and will protect both upper and lower teeth. A soft mouth guard, which may be made to fit the upper or lower jaw. They are flexible. A hard mouth guard, may also be made to fit the upper or lower jaw and are more rigid. For those who cannot tolerate the fullness in their mouths there may be another solution. NTI is a smaller guard and fits the lower teeth in the anterior region.

There are also mouth / night guards which may be purchased at most pharmacies. They come in small, medium and large. Several come with a case. They are user friendly. Just place in hot water and bite. Follow package instructions as each may differ. Although, they are not as streamlined as a professional dental lab would fabricate, but they can do the job.

Generally, if your dentist is fabricating the guard, they will need an impression of your upper and lower teeth. There is usually a one to two week period for turn around time. The guard will be delivered with care instructions and a case.

If you suspect you are suffering from bruxism, consult your dental professional.

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