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Orthodontist Dubai : Looking for the best orthodontic specialist and orthodontist in Dubai UAE? Find the best orthodontist in Dubai : Compare orthodontist Dubai cost, prices and read reviews. Compare all dentists in Dubai with contact telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings.

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Dentist Dubai : Best Dentist Dubai

Best Dentist Dubai
Dentist Dubai : Reviews of the best dentists in Dubai offering quality dentistry through advanced treatments and solutions. Find best dentists in Dubai offering top quality dental care and treatments for all with experienced dentists and modern equipment. Find Dubai dentists. Compare all dentists in Dubai with phone numbers, reviews, prices, cost, offers, deals, location maps and pictures. Get quotes fast and choose the best dentist in Dubai. Learn about oral health, cosmetic and general dental procedures. Search our dentist directory, find a dentist in your area and improve your smile! The Dubai dentist directory is the most comprehensive directory to dentists in Dubai and helps the public easily find dentists clinics. Find dentist Dubai by area including Dubai Marina, Dubai Mall, Dubai JLT, Dubai Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Motor City, Dubai Tecom, Al Barsha, Al Wasl Road, Al Nahda, Al Qusais, Al Quoz, Dubai Business Bay, Bur Dubai and more.


  1. Dentist Dubai

    Orthodontist Salaries – There are many people out there who will like to be an orthodontist. But everyone will like to know how much money they earn before committing to the years of schooling ahead. Similar to any other profession orthodontics is also a business. If you have a large number of clients and gain more experience higher your income will be

    In case you are fresh out from the orthodontic school and are working under an experienced orthodontist, you can expect a salary of around five figures. However with years of experience adding to your kitty the compensation will rise to the 6 figures within no time at all. It is a common experience that the most economically successful orthodontists are those who start their own practice. Some orthodontists have practice in the nearby cities as well. And in some cases they actually travel to the nearby countries. They also drive to another office 100 miles away just to maintain a wide client base.

    For a hard working orthodontist like this, he can have hundreds of patients. In such cases it is better for the orthodontist to get help in the form of technicians which are well versed in orthodontics and have experience. By using this method, the orthodontist acts as an overseer. He will only be required to review every client and handle the complicated cases only. In the cases where the orthodontist runs multiple practices he can make $200,000 every year for himself. If he/she fine tunes the business, he is likely to make even more like tax shelters and building efficiency etc.

    In any event the pleasure any orthodontist will get after seeing results of their handiwork in the client’s smile is totally priceless. Many actually live for such moments. When the braces come off and the client smiles with happiness; it is a reason for working so hard for the dedicated orthodontists.

    The average salary received by the orthodontist varies from state to state and the number of clients also plays an important role in deciding the income. But in general it is a highly respected and well paid profession. The profession will always be in demand in future.

  2. Dentist Dubai

    Have you been debating visiting an orthodontist? Maybe you are just not sure if you even need an orthodontist. Chances are, if you think that you may need one then you probably do need one. Let us take a look at the reasons that you may need to visit an orthodontist. There are several reasons that one may need to book an appointment. A common misconception is that you need to have crooked teeth in order to have to get braces or see an orthodontist. This is simply not the case these days.

    First of all, the mouth holds a lot of teeth – 32 to be exact. You may find that your mouth will just not hold all the teeth. If this is the case, then your teeth may be crooked or out of place in order to make room for all of them. Most people want an attractive smile and want to be able to show their teeth and be proud of them. You may need to get braces.

    The best time to get braces is during your teen age years. However, these days people are getting braces at all ages. If you do it too early, such as pre teen years, then you may find that your teeth have not completely developed and you may have to have the braces put back on later in life. This is usually something that can be avoiding by waiting until the right time to go see the orthodontist and get your braces put on.

    When you get braces, you will want to make sure that you keep your teeth clean. You will need to take extra precautions to brush and floss them to ensure that when you get them removed you are not going to have stained teeth around where the braces were. This can be a horrible sight to see if you have ever seen anyone that did not take care of their teeth while they had braces.

    You may be asking yourself, how long will I have to wear braces? How long will I need a retainer? These are all depending on the severity of your teeth. Your orthodontist will be able to go over all of these things with you and give you an idea of what you will be looking at.

    The best thing to do is find an orthodontist that will provide you with a payment plan of some sort. If you do this, then you are likely to be able to afford that fantastic smile that you have been dreaming of. Just remember, when you have braces and get them taken off your teeth always have that risk of shifting back. This is why it is so very important to wear your retainer and have your follow up visits with your orthodontist. Spend some time getting a referral from your general dentist if you feel that you will need braces. This will help you to ensure that you are going to get a reliable orthodontist.

  3. Dentist Dubai

    Orthodontists are dental specialists who prevent and correct misaligned jaws and teeth. Dental irregularities can cause low self-esteem and insecurity issues for many people and they can affect an individual’s ability to speak and chew food. Misaligned teeth can also sleep apnea, snoring, and other breathing problems. An orthodontist can help you correct many problems such as cross bites, overbites, under bites, and more.

    When you visit an orthodontist, he will take x-rays and have you bite down onto a mold to determine the alignment of your teeth. The orthodontist will design a treatment plan for you. This may include retainers, braces, or other dental procedures. In severe cases, orthodontists have to break the jawbones and wire their patients’ jaws shut so that they are better aligned.

    Dental problems that orthodontists treat can result because of many factors. For instance, dental problems tend to run in the family. Secondly, when babies lose their teeth too quickly, their teeth can become overcrowded later. Other reasons include accidents, injuries, and tooth decay. These factors affect the teeth and the structure of the mouth.

    An orthodontist can help you prevent dental problems by examining your teeth. It is worth noting that kids should have their first exam when they are seven years old especially if there is a family history of misaligned or crooked teeth.

    Before you visit, it may make sense for you to do research online. Learn about orthodontic techniques online. Just make sure you visit reliable websites that provide accurate details about common orthodontic procedures.

    If you need to correct dental irregularities, keep in mind that your insurance company may cover the entire or part of the cost of your treatment. Insurance companies usually pay more if the patient visits an orthodontist that is in their network. You can also apply for financing with a bank or lender if you need to. In addition, some orthodontists offer payment plans, which allow their patients to pay for services over a period of time. Another great thing about orthodontists is that most of them offer free consultations and they will typically provide their customers with an opinion about what kind of treatments are needed at the initial consultation.

    You can find one by checking the phone book, online directories, and doing research online. You may also want to check out the reviews online before you make a decision. Before you choose, make sure he makes you feel comfortable. You should also find an orthodontist that offers a variety of retainers, braces, and other products. If you want great results, the specialist you choose should use the latest techniques and equipment. If you follow these tips, you will have a wonderful experience and achieve the results you desire.

  4. Dentist Dubai

    Some orthodontics providers recognize that there are a number of factors to consider when selecting an orthodontist. There are many orthodontists to choose from, and these days more and more dentists are offering orthodontics services by providing Invisalign treatment. There are a number of factors in the decision-making process. Here are top five reasons to select an orthodontist are listed below:

    Orthodontics Expertise : In most circumstances, you are better off with an actual orthodontist rather than a general dentist. Orthodontists have graduated from dental school and then have gotten three more years of orthodontic training. They have the expertise and training to know the best way to handle any orthodontic problem at the appropriate age. Dentists are great for your general dentistry requirements. Although some have experience with orthodontics, most dentists don’t have the same depth of experience.

    Orthodontics Certification : The provider you choose should be a board-certified orthodontist. Doctors who have been certified by the Association of Orthodontics have graduated from an accredited graduate program, passed a written exam, and presented orthodontics cases to a panel of experts.

    Personable and Relatable : Choose someone that your child connects with. Throughout treatment, your child must comply with lots of instructions from the orthodontics staff. If the patient is engaged with the orthodontist and the staff, the more the child will comply with treatment – and the end results will be better and faster. Also, patients who enjoy their orthodontic appointments are usually better at following instructions for good oral hygiene.

    Flexible Appointment Schedule : Select an orthodontist who offers appointments at many different times. With a busy schedule, you’ll appreciate an orthodontist who can see you any day of the week. Remember that orthodontic treatment usually takes two years and you could be visiting the office as frequently as once every two weeks. You’ll be seeing a lot of the orthodontist; make sure his appointment times are convenient.

    Flexible Financing and Pricing : Look for an orthodontist with flexible finance choices. Choose a provider who is offering various affordable financing options. Since orthodontic treatment is often a two-year process, there can be changes in your family’s economic situation. If you have an orthodontist who can adjust the payment schedule, it can make the difference between finishing your child’s treatment or not.

  5. Dentists Career, Jobs and Dentist Salary Information
    Dentists Career, Jobs and Dentist Salary Information

    If you’re thinking about getting a job in the dental field, you might consider becoming an orthodontist. An orthodontist, as everyone who’s had braces knows, is a dentist who corrects and realigns teeth so that they’re as straight as can be. Orthodontics was the first ever branch of dentistry to constitute its own career. And since most people are born with teeth that are in some way crooked, orthodontists usually have plenty of patients to work on. Many times people will go to the orthodontist just so their teeth will look as nice as possible. Other times there are real health reasons why a person might need to get their teeth straightened-to avoid gum disease, for example.

    In general, when a patient goes to see an orthodontist for the first time, the orthodontist will take an X-ray of his or her mouth. This way, the orthodontist will know what tools to use to correct the teeth: braces, retainers or headgear-or, in severe and often emergency cases, the orthodontist will break the bones of the jaw and wire the jaw shut, setting the jaw in such a way that when it heals it will align properly. Sometimes dentists will recommend that young children go to get examined by an orthodontist so the orthodontist can help guide the permanent teeth into their proper places when they break through the gums. This generally happens only when a child has a history of severe dental problems in his or her family. And some orthodontists can actually rebuild an entire face, realigning the bones of the face.

    To become an orthodontist, a person has to earn a bachelor’s degree at an accredited university or college. It’s very helpful if the subject you major in as an undergraduate relates to dentistry in some way: biology, chemistry, mathematics and anatomy are examples of helpful majors. Then this person must spend three years in dental school, perhaps four. Dental school will involve both classroom work (textbooks, exams, lectures) and hands-on training. At the conclusion of dental school the student will have to pass a medical boards test to become a certified dentist. Then he or she must apply to an orthodontics program that the Commission on Dental Accreditation approves of. If accepted, he or she will again study and do hands-on work, often in the form of part-time employment, volunteer positions or internships, in order to become a full-fledged orthodontist.

    It obviously takes a long time and a lot of effort to become an orthodontist, but most practicing orthodontists really enjoy their work. For one thing, many of their patients are adolescents, so they get to know these young people and hear about their latest accomplishments in academics and sports. Plus, orthodontists don’t have to drill cavities or perform root canals, so their patients often don’t dread seeing them as much as some people dread seeing the dentist, which can make a day at work a little more pleasant.

  6. Dentists Career, Jobs and Dentist Salary Information
    Dentists Career, Jobs and Dentist Salary Information

    Dentists Career, Job, Salary and Education Information – Dentistry is a dynamic and rewarding profession offering a variety of career options. The dental industry has undergone many changes recently. It has created a lot of job opportunities for dental professionals. Dubai dental jobs play a vital role in the state. Anyone who has passed the D.D.S. (Doctor of Dental Surgery) or D.M.D (Doctor of Dental Medicine) degree can apply for the post of dentist in dental clinics, medical centers and hospitals in Dubai UAE.

    Plenty of exciting dental job opportunities exist in Dubai for individuals seeking employment or a change in careers. There are several websites that list a variety of career opportunities offered in the field of dentistry. These websites list dental jobs in every specialty. They provide salary information, too, which help job seekers find a better a job in Dubai. These websites list dental jobs by area so that job seekers can search for jobs in Dubai dental clinics and hospitals. Also, there are several employment agencies in Dubai and job banks that offer dental job opportunities in Dubai UAE. These recruitment agencies in Dubai help applicants save money and time hunting for a job. Dental jobs in Dubai include an orthodontist, associate dentist, dental assistant, dental assistant trainee, dental hygienists, and more.

    Orthodontists have several job openings in Dubai, as the beauty industry is flourishing there. Many people seek the services of orthodontists to treat the misalignment of teeth and for facial development with braces, headgear, retainers, and other methods. Job openings for dental assistants in Dubai are also on the rise as orthodontists always need the help of a dental assistant for cleaning and sterilizing dental instruments and educating patients on the various aspects of good dental health. Dental hygienists are required to clean teeth, examine oral parts for signs of oral disease, educate patients on oral hygiene, and take X-rays.

    Dental jobs in Dubai also have flexibility of scheduling working hours. You can work evening hours, nights, or weekend hours. The career in dentistry is variable. New and improved techniques and treatments continually create more options for patients, which ensures that your life as a dentist will always remain new and exciting. Staying abreast of the new ways to help your patients will keep you constantly challenged and sharp.

    The medical profession, as a whole, is providing more of an opportunity for practitioners to become more creative. As a tooth doctor, you would have the freedom to bring your personality into your work. In the way you manage your dental office, the clientele you cater to, and in your dealings with your patients, which means staying creative and keeping that edge of service that creates patient loyalty. By putting your heart into your work, you would have the power to change that fearful stereotype that dentists have worked hard for generations to overcome.

    Job outlook for dentists in Dubai – Employment of dentists in Dubai is projected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations. Demand for dental services will increase as the population ages, cosmetic dental services become increasingly popular, and access to health insurance continues to grow.

    Many members of the growing and aging baby-boom generation will need dental work. Because each generation is more likely to keep their teeth than past generations, more dental care will be needed in the years to come. In addition, there will be increased demand for complicated dental work, including dental implants or bridges. The risk of oral cancer increases significantly with age, and complications can require both cosmetic and functional dental reconstruction.

    Cosmetic dental services, such as teeth-whitening treatments, are becoming increasingly popular. This trend is expected to continue as new technologies allow for less invasive, faster procedures.

    Dentists will continue to see an increase in public demand for their services as studies continue to link oral health to overall health. They will need to provide care and instruction aimed at promoting good oral hygiene, rather than just providing treatments such as fillings.

    Dental clinics and hospitals are likely to hire more hygienists and dental assistants to handle routine services. Productivity increases derived from new technology, such as digital dentistry and radiography, should allow dentists to reduce the time needed to see each patient. As a result, dentists will be able to expand their practices and see more patients.

    Whether patients seek care is dependent largely on their insurance coverage. The number of individuals who have access to health insurance is expected to continue to increase because of federal health insurance reform. People with new or expanded dental insurance coverage will be more likely to visit a dentist than in the past.

    Dentists job prospects in Dubai – Job prospects for dentists in Dubai are expected to be good. There are still areas of the country where patients need dental care but have little access to it. Job prospects will be especially good for dentists who are willing to work in these areas: oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, prosthodontists and other dentist specialists

    Dental employment opportunities in Dubai include jobs in dental departments in hospitals, nursing homes, dental clinics and health departments as well as teaching departments in dental colleges in Dubai UAE.

    Dentist Salaries : What is the average annual salary for Dentist? How much does a Dentist make? How much does a dentist make a year in Dubai UAE? On average, dentists make about $149,000 a year, once they have an established practice. The lowest 10 percent of dentists make less then $73,000 a year, while the top 10 percent make over $187,000 a year. Salary and earning potential for dentists is influenced by a number of factors including year of experience, location, how many hours they work, and whether or not they specialize. The dentists salary figures above are based on the assumption that a dentist is working at least full time. Most dentists will work full time. Some will even work evenings and weekends.

    Job for dentists in Dubai is expected to increase at an above average rate. Job opportunities for dentists in Dubai should be excellent since large quantities of dentists are close to retiring. Demand for dental treatments is projected to also increase. Growth will also be spurred by aging populations requiring more dental treatments, population growth, and increased awareness about the importance of good dental hygiene. General dentist jobs in Dubai, dentist jobs in UAE hospitals, dentist jobs salary, dental jobs in Dubai for Indian dentists, dentist jobs for freshers, dentist jobs in Dubai hospitals and dentist jobs in Dubai without moh.

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