Mercury Free Fillings Dubai : Best Tooth Fillings Dentists in Dubai. Cheap Dental Clinic in Dubai for Tooth Fillings at Best Price & Low Cost.
Mercury Free Fillings Dubai : Best Tooth Fillings Dentists in Dubai. Cheap Dental Clinic in Dubai for Tooth Fillings at Best Price & Low Cost.

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Mercury Free Fillings Dubai : Best Dental Clinic in Dubai : Best Dentists in Dubai. Cheap Dental Clinic in Dubai at Best Price & Low Cost. The fact goes without denial that mercury fillings have a history which roots deep down to 160 years. Mercury fillings or more famously known as the amalgam fillings are the oldest of all fillings. Mercury or the amalgam fillings are basically mercury in mixture with two other elements which are usually silver, copper and tin.

Majority of it is mercury which is usually 40-50 percent and the rest is the other elements. It is also called is silver filling because of the colour it offers you not because the silver is the element which is used in excess for the mercury fillings. It has been the most researched and tested filling in the dentistry.

Mercury filling is a kind of direct restoration dental filling which has been used the long and has been opposed the most. The elemental form of mercury is disputed to be lethal for health. Some dentists claim that the form of mercury used in the filling is far less toxic than the organic mercury and the potential risks which arise through it are submissive. But there has been strong evidence after heavy research and testing that the mercury filling could be very detrimental in nature.

It has been observed that they release mercury vapor into the body constantly throughout the day. Although this observation has not been supported by the U.S Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization’s reports, they were unable to find any evidence to support this observation and acknowledge it. It is debated that the amount of mercury vapor that you emit depends on the number of fillings that are present in your teeth.

Because there is certain amount of mercury vapor that is being released but it is minimal in nature. So if the number of cavities is more in teeth already and all of them are mercury filling in nature, it could be very lethal.

Few other factors on which the mercury filling and its affect on your health depends are the amount of hours you spend chewing or drinking or doing teeth related activities in a day because if some amount of this mercury is inhaled and goes into your bloodstream all throughout the day then the effect is more pronounced. If the amounts observed are in safe limits which have been set by federal government then it is all good. If it exceeds the limited then you have to face the consequences.

Other cons of the mercury filling would be the amalgam scrap which is left over after the cavity is done. The scrap is not environment friendly and requires a lot of protection. The mercury also is corrosive in nature and harms the tooth by replacing some healthy elements of the tooth while the cavity filling.

There have been several cases of amalgam allergy in the forms of rashes or inflammation been noticed. If such cases are reported then it is better to use the substitute options like the tooth colored resins or the porcelain or the glass powder or the gold fillings.

Meanwhile, there have been several other mercury less dental filling methods that are being practiced. Change is inevitable. Even though mercury filling has a history which has a strong foundation, the side effects seem to be overweighing the advantages and it is definitely wise to go for a mercury free dental filling.

Mercury Free Fillings Dubai

Mercury Free Fillings Dubai : Best Dental Clinic in Dubai : Best Dentists in Dubai. Cheap Dental Clinic in Dubai at Best Price & Low Cost. Why would anyone want to seek out a dentist who practices mercury free dentistry?

Each day more news emerges about the harmful effects that mercury has on the human body. Even small amounts of it can damage cells. Mercury toxicity in the body has been associated with speech disturbances, impaired hearing, tremors, and changes in personality, infertility immune system dysfunctions, brain cancer and a plethora of other physical disorders.

For years, we have heard warnings about eating fish that swim in mercury contaminated waters. Additionally, some types of glass necklace pendants that are imported from Mexico contain mercury that can be absorbed into the skin when worn. A broken thermometer can inadvertently expose someone to mercury. However, there is another way to be exposed to mercury, a much more common way, and that is trough metal dental fillings, and this argues the case for mercury free dentistry.

Silver-colored amalgam fillings contain approximately 50% mercury. The remaining 50% is made from a powdered version of copper, zinc, tin and silver. A growing number of experts are expressing their concerns these days, that small amounts of mercury vapor is released from the fillings when they are exposed to hot substances such as tea and coffee, or when food is chewed. There is ample argument for the case that mercury might cause kidney damage or neurological problems, especially pregnant women and children.

As public awareness grows, mercury free dentistry is being favored as the safer way to achieve healthy dental care. In 2006, a group of experts who examined research ordered by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) rejected a report that concluded that metal dental fillings are safe. Think about it. Before metal fillings go into someone’s mouth, the metal is considered to be highly dangerous. After a filling is removed, it is classified as hazardous waste. Why would anyone want to walk around with mercury embedded in his or her teeth when there is a safer and more attractive alternative? Biocompatible materials are a much more reasonable alternative to mercury and other potentially toxic substances.

It is often the case that the silver-colored fillings that contain mercury will be riddled with cracks and have edges that leak. Additionally, the natural structures of these teeth are compromised. Fortunately, there are new, much safer materials that are also quite aesthetically pleasing. These materials become bonded to the tooth in a way that restores the tooth to its original beauty and function and replaces most of the tooth strength that was formerly lost.

Mercury free dentistry is slowly being replaced by biocompatible dentistry, a practice that is safer and more compatible with healthy living. The number of available options for tooth care and restoration has grown considerably over the last few years as a more holistic approach to dental care has evolved.

While the issue of mercury free dentistry is arguably controversial, the simple approach of taking fewer chances with one’s overall health is reason enough to choose a dentist who practices mercury free dentistry. Why take chances?

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