Dentist Jobs Dubai : Dentist Jobs Dubai Salary - Dubai Dentist Career Guide & Salary Information
Dentist Jobs Dubai Salary : Dentist Jobs Dubai - Dubai Dentist Career Guide & Salary Information

Dentist Dubai Salary

Dentist Dubai Salary : Dentist Jobs Dubai Salary : Dubai Dentist Career Salary Information. Prosthodontist Salary & Orthodontist Salary in Dubai UAE.

Dentist Jobs Dubai Salary : Dentist Jobs Dubai – Dubai dentist career guide. Dental recruitment for dental jobs in Dubai and jobs opportunities in Dubai Dentistry. Dentistry in Dubai has come to become one of the most lucrative medical fields to choose from. Dental jobs in Dubai have exceptional potential in fields like cosmetic dentistry and pediatric dentistry. With more specialization, came more job opportunities and more job choices. Apart from mainstream dentistry there are several associated jobs that call for specialization in various associated fields. Dental assistants, dentist hygienist, dentist insurance consultants are some of the highly demanded dental jobs that are growing in outstanding numbers. With dentists and dental surgeons becoming more engrossed with ever mounting consultation demands; demand for associated jobs in dentist are also on a rise.

Dentist Jobs Dubai : Dentist Jobs Dubai Salary - Dubai Dentist Career Guide & Salary Information

Dentist Jobs Dubai

Online awareness and information exchange has also increased the demand for allied jobs in dentist and online dental consultations and counseling. Issues addressed by online consultants are manifold and it takes special education and training to conduct such activities online. Most of these jobs require a diploma plus entrance rankings that allow the candidates to take training in specific branches like dentist hygiene or dental associate. There are different universities offering different courses in these careers. Mostly, an associate degree would suffice for working as an assistant to a cosmetic dentist or dentist surgeon. Nevertheless, there are bachelor’s and master’s degree available in the same platform that would allow the candidate to work with universities and public organizations like schools and city hospitals.

Job of a dentist hygienist or dental assistant would include extensive clinical training and practice. Experienced and skilled candidates for such jobs are highly in demand and their remunerations are rising every year. Dental insurance consultants make up for most of the non- clinical jobs in dental. They are basically concerned with educating the patients regarding their insurance options and opportunities. They help the patients in understanding the complicated structure and terms of insurance policies and also assist them in selecting insured dentists and hospitals for conducting various dentist procedures or surgeries. They are also well versed in various legal aspects pertaining to medical insurance cases in general. This makes their job quite important for patients suffering from chronic or serious dental diseases.

Further, dental experts are also appointed by dentist and medical insurance companies for assorting their claims. They need not be full-fledged dentists, but certainly they should be holding a degree in dental science. Their main job is to advice the applicability and eligibility of a claim as per the terms dictated by the insurance company by way of its different dentist insurance plans. Even thought the job might sound simple, it is a highly priced post and experts in this job are paid much higher than any other jobs in the whole of dentistry.

Dentist Dubai Salary

A Dentist earns an average salary of AED 199,104 per year. Most people move on to other jobs if they have more than 20 years’ experience in this career. A skill in dentist is associated with high pay for this job. Experience has a moderate effect on income for this job.

Pay by Experience for a Dentist has a positive trend. An entry-level Dentist with less than 5 years of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of $181,000 based on 150 salaries provided by anonymous users. Average total compensation includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay. A Dentist with mid-career experience which includes employees with 5 to 10 years of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of $220,000 based on 89 salaries. An experienced Dentist which includes employees with 10 to 20 years of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of $255,000 based on 52 salaries. A Dentist with late-career experience which includes employees with greater than 20 years of experienc can expect to earn an average total compensation of $330,000 based on 20 salaries.

  • Orthodontist Dubai Salary : An Orthodontist earns an average salary of AED 360,000 per year. Most people with this job move on to other positions after 20 years in this career.
  • Orthopedic Surgeon Dubai Salary : An Orthopedic Surgeon earns an average salary of AED 535,457 per year.

Many dental practices are open for any individual suffering from a tooth problem. However, with millions of practitioners in the world today, not all have the capacity to perform their very best in all fields of dentistry. Most are probably skilled in general dentistry, but many professionals usually have expertise in a particular field. It is important to understand the type of dentists today to know who to consult with if you are suffering from a tooth ailment.

Orthodontist : The orthodontist focuses on the structure of teeth. This type of dental practitioner is the one to consult if you want to correct bite problems or straighten your teeth. If you think you need to have metal braces or retainers to improve the structure of your teeth, this dentist can help you achieve that in the best possible means. A dentist who has the expertise in root canal treatments or periodontal diseases may not always be skilled in this specific area of dentistry. In that case, always choose the better dentist based on your needs. An orthodontist is concerned with the structure of the teeth. He is to be consulted for correction of bite problems and straightening of teeth. He can also help you if you desire metal braces or retainers that are useful for improving the structure of your teeth.

Prosthodontist : This professional is skilled in the replacement of missing tooth by using implants, dentures, crowns, or bridges. A prosthodontist is skilled in replacing missing teeth through the use dentures, implants, bridges and crowns. If any of your teeth is missing, this is the right professional to get in touch with.

Periodontist : For problems with the gums, bone, and tissue surrounding teeth, the periodontist is your guy. People who are suffering from gingivitis, gummy smiles, or other periodontal diseases will be best treated by this dental expert. This professional deals with problems associated with the gum, tissue and bone that surround the teeth. If you are suffering from gingivitis, gummy smiles or other periodontal diseases, the periodontist is the right guy for you.

Oral Surgeon : Accidents may cause serious teeth injuries. Others may also be suffering from severe dental problems that it will require an oral surgeon for the proper and immediate treatment. Emergency treatment and concerns are also best addressed by this surgeon. Most hospitals have their own oral surgeon for such cases. Teeth injuries may arise from accidents and you may be suffering from severe dental problems that will require an oral surgeon for appropriate and instant treatment. An oral surgeon is also in the best position to handle emergency situations and many hospitals have them for such situations.

Pediatric Dentist : For kids at a young age, a pediatric dentist, which is also known as family dentist, can provide the proper dental care. They are skilled in providing general dentistry and giving emotional assurance to children who may have some issues visiting a teeth clinic. Pediatric dentist deals with oral problems associated with children. He is trained in general dentistry and for providing emotional support to children. Children who may be afraid of visiting the dental clinic will be better handled by a pediatric dentist. To become a pediatric dentist you must first get a dentist degree and then study for an extra two years to attain your pediatric dentistry license. Without this license you cannot practice nor profess to be a pediatric dentist. The pediatric dentist role is mainly the oral care of children and adolescents.

Cosmetic Dentist : Last but not the least, one of the most popular dental experts today is the cosmetic dentist. This professional is skilled in providing treatments like smile makeovers, veneers, and tooth whitening. Due to the increasing demand for cosmetic teeth improvement, this type of practice is well-visited by many individuals today. Many practices have emerged since the early 2000 to provide treatments in this particular area of dentistry. The cosmetic dentist is very popular these days and he is responsible for providing treatments such as veneers, smile makeovers, tooth whitening and so on. Due to the popularity of cosmetic teeth improvement, this type of practice is well patronized by individuals nowadays.

Any individual looking for the dental care and treatment that he or she needs is advised to choose the expert professional to get the best care possible. With the increasing costs of treatment, it’s always good to make informed decisions for your ultimate benefit.

Dentist Jobs Dubai : Dentist Jobs Dubai Salary - Dubai Dentist Career Guide & Salary Information

Dental Jobs in Dubai

Dental Jobs in Dubai – What you Should Know. When it comes to medical jobs in Dubai, dental jobs are one of the most common types of jobs available. Actual dentist jobs may be more difficult to find, but lesser qualified positions are constantly available throughout Dubai hospital and dental clinics. Not all dental jobs in Dubai require qualifications; though it would obviously help you if you did gain some form of qualification before you applied to any job role. Here you will find out more about the different dental jobs available and how you may be able to get into the field.

Dental jobs in Dubai can sometimes be similar to emergency medicine jobs. You can often have to deal with emergency treatments and in many cases you will need to be able to deal with squeamish sights! However, there may be some clerical jobs available within a dental surgery. So if blood does put you off but you would still like to work in a dental surgery, a clerical position may be better suited to you.

One of the most common types of dental jobs available these days tends to be the dental assistants role. This involves assisting dental surgeons with operations and treatments. You will be responsible for setting up the surgery ready for the next patient. This includes finding all of the relevant equipment, cleaning the office and ordering new stock. It is vital that dental assistants be fast workers and they have to be able to work on their own initiative sometimes too. It can be a varied job but you will often see squeamish operations and so you have to be able to deal with this. You will also have to use various pieces of equipment to assist the surgeon whilst they are performing treatments. It is an important role and various skills will be needed.

Typically the skills needed to become a dental assistant are being a quick worker and you may also need experience in various areas such as taking x-rays and being able to create temporary crowns. Each dental surgery will require different skills and some may not ask for any qualifications or skills. If you don’t have any experience or knowledge in the area then you may be able to find trainee positions. The actual salary for dental assistants will vary depending upon the hospital or dental clinic hiring you. This is because the job role of the assistant is different at each hospital or dental clinic. Some may require you to do a lot more work than others.

Another dental job which you may be interested in is a dental hygienist. The role of the hygienist is to ensure that the teeth and gums are as healthy as possible. You will mainly be responsible for cleaning the teeth professionally and for treating any infections which may have occurred. Many surgeries require a bachelor’s degree before they will allow you to work with them. The average salary of a dental hygienist is around $50,000.

Overall there are many different dental jobs in Dubai available in the dental profession. Some will require more skills than others; though no matter what skills you currently have there will always be a role to suit you.

Dentist Dubai Salary : Dentist Jobs Dubai Salary : Dubai Dentist Career Salary Information

Dental Jobs & Career

The job market took a hit during the gloomy recession. The markets have stabilized now and this has caused employment opportunities to rise. Now is the correct time to decide your career path. Dental jobs offer you with great opportunity, competition and pay. Dentistry offers you with a lot of career opportunities; we discuss below the job of a dental assistant.

As the job of a dental assistant is more to do with helping the dentist, it does not need knowledge of medicine. Unlike other dental jobs, you can opt for this job even if you have basic education. So do not go by the name of it, you can easily choose to become a dentist’s assistant even without higher degrees and medical knowledge. Experience will make you perfect as you can learn while assisting the dentist. Some dentists prefer to take qualified assistants and there are various courses offering such certificates.

The job involves sterilizing dental equipment used by the dentist and his patients. You may also have to take care of the patients during and after the treatment. Keeping records of patients and handling other official paperwork may also be a part of your duty. A dental assistant actually performs a load of duties on behalf of the dentist. Your job will involve handling the appointments and payments. The dentist will expect you to keep a stock of the medical supplies in his clinic. You will need to keep the records of the patients and retrieve them for the dentist. Your efficiency in handling all the above, actually helps the dentist concentrate more on his patients. The care that you offer to the patients, in preparing them for the treatment that they need to undergo as part of their treatment, will need a lot of effort from you. As an assistant you will need to help the dentist execute routine tasks and dental procedures.

Earning Potential – The dental industry has undergone a major uplift, owning to the rise in dental problems. It seems that the future is bright for industry and hence the job prospects are on the rise. With the world market stabilizing, there has been a growth in employment opportunities. The job prospects for a dental assistant are good, as dentists are always in lookout for qualified dental assistants. Many dentists prefer assistants who work part-time; this helps in increasing your earnings.

Dentist Dubai Salary : Dentist Jobs Dubai Salary : Dubai Dentist Career Salary Information

Dubai Dental Industry Jobs

The dental industry offers many career opportunities. To become a dentist, one needs a college degree and then 3-4 additional years of dental school to become a dentist, additional years to become a specialist, and must pass all state licensing regulations and programs. All other positions do not necessarily require a college degree. Obviously, the people with more experience and training are more highly valued and paid. Individuals with common sense and a service-minded approach do best.

Dental Assistants Jobs

An absolute necessity is that of the dental assistant. This position serves as the “right hand” of dentists, constantly preparing for what the dentist will need. They assist in all procedures ranging from examinations and cleanings, all the way to the most difficult oral surgeries. A good dental assistant who figures out what the doctor needs before the dentist knows his own needs is considered priceless by most doctors.

Many dental assistants are licensed to take x-rays and must provide good assistance to the dentist. This position, however, can be taught to the right individual without licensing, thought individuals who have attended dental assistant programs and training at school are paid more than the non-trained individual. Depending on the size of the practice, the dental assistant will be responsible for all sterilization and cleaning responsibilities as well, including sterilization of all instruments and cleaning of the dental operatory and equipment prior to next usage.

Dental assisting jobs are a popular form of employment for many interested in the dentistry field. A dental assistant will typically perform both office, laboratory, and medical duties in a dentist’s office. Many assisting jobs allow the employee to learn while on the job. Most employers, however, will prefer a candidate who has a certificate or degree in dental assisting, as it often takes less time for an employee to “learn the ropes” of the job. These types of jobs are varied and comprised of many duties. An assistant may perform clerical and secretarial duties in the dental office. Some of these clerical duties include booking appointments, confirming patient appointments, processing and dealing with insurance, greeting and instructing patients upon their arrival, accepting payment for dental practices, and other bookkeeping duties. This is the secretarial part of dental assisting. Another duty that a job like this may require is work in the laboratory. Someone with this type of job may develop x-rays to deliver to the dentist for examination, process samples properly, or prepare molds and mixtures for use by the dentist.

Dental Hygienists Jobs

Of all the jobs, dental hygienists are the only other position, aside from dentists, that require specific training and a degree. Dental hygiene school is a very popular program over dental school due to short program length, usually 24 months, and ability to work right out of school without state licensing requirements, unlike dentists. Whereas dentists can provide all dental treatments, hygienists focus solely on dental hygiene and preventive care. They are licensed to provide all exams (regular and periodontal), prophylaxis, and root planing (deep cleaning) services. They are not, however, allowed to diagnose conditions like dentists – but are trained to spot problems to require a dentist’s consultation services. Many hygienists use dental assistants as well. This dental industry job becomes more popular as many dentists choose to delegate the preventive services to hygienists, enabling them to perform more high-end procedures rather than spending their time doing cleanings.


Anyone applying for this job should be friendly, trained in customer service, polite, and very efficient. All scheduling responsibilities generally fall on the receptionist, meaning the entire schedule’s practice and how efficiently it is run is dictated by how creatively and sensibly the receptionist plans the schedule. Many offices utilize the receptionist position as the person who collects payment for services rendered as well, making this a vital position to that office. The receptionist’s face is the first that every patient sees and usually the last as well. Positive demeanor, well-groomed appearance, and a mindset to make patients feel as welcomed as possible is imperative to succeed as a dental receptionist.


Everything the dentist does not do, the office manager must do. If the dentist you work for does not care to do payroll, it is your responsibility. If the receptionist is not present, you must fill the position or train someone to do it. Generally, all office functions and operations are responsibilities of the office manager. If there is a problem with an employee, the managing dentist and office manager will consult, and it is often that the hiring and firing duties will fall upon that of the office manager position. Of all the dental industry jobs, this position is most heavily involved in the business function of dental practices. Usually, all administrative functions including upkeep of office supplies, keeping dental supplies stocked, inventory control, handling petty cash and patient management are responsibilities of this particular and highly valued dental industry job.


Becoming more popular is the job of treatment coordinator. Smaller offices still utilize the dental industry positions of office manager, or even receptionists, to act in the capacity of this job, but many larger offices utilize several treatment coordinators. The main function of this position is to take the doctor’s diagnosis, figure out the total cost of the treatment as well as the duration of treatment, and arranging a consultative session with the patient in order to sell the treatment. A deep understanding of dental treatment is necessary for this position as you will be answering all questions. This position is most imperative to increasing revenues and successfully convincing patients to stay with the practice. Being an effective and clear communicator with highly developed sales techniques is crucial to becoming successful in this job.

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