Dental Fillings Dubai : Dental Fillings Dentists in Dubai : Best Dental Fillings Clinic in Dubai : Top Dentists in Dubai for Dental Fillings at Best Price & Low Cost.
Dental Fillings Dubai : Dental Fillings Dentists in Dubai : Best Dental Fillings Clinic in Dubai : Top Dentists in Dubai for Dental Fillings at Best Price & Low Cost.

Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings Dubai : Dental Fillings Dentists in Dubai : Best Dental Fillings Clinic in Dubai : Top Dentists in Dubai for Dental Fillings at Best Price & Low Cost. How much does fillings cost for cavities? How much does teeth filling cost? How much do veneers cost in Dubai? What should a crown for a tooth cost? What is the best material for dental crowns? Why are crowns so expensive? A dental restoration or dental filling is a treatment to restore the function, integrity, and morphology of missing tooth structure resulting from caries or external trauma as well as to the replacement of such structure supported by dental implants.

Dental Fillings Dubai

Dental Fillings Dubai : Dental Fillings Dentists in Dubai : Best Dental Fillings Clinic in Dubai : Top Dentists in Dubai for Dental Fillings at Best Price & Low Cost. Visiting your dentist twice a year is always a good idea because you will be aware of any sort of dental problem which might be breeding inside. Gum Diseases, if at an initial stage, can be cured by some proper dental hygiene.

However if the problem is aggravated and turned into periodontitis you will have to seek professional dental help. On the other hand if you are suffering from tooth decay then the only way to cure it is by dental restorations or dental fillings. Dental fillings in Dubai last for many years but they do come with a shelf life. Even they have to be replaced so come let’s find out why?

Dental Fillings Dubai : Dental Fillings Dentists in Dubai : Best Dental Fillings Clinic in Dubai : Top Dentists in Dubai for Dental Fillings at Best Price & Low Cost.

The biggest reason for us to replace dental fillings is the constant attack of food and drink. On the other hand we might want to replace them because of certain conditions such as teeth grinding or clenching. These everyday problems might cause them to fail. Tooth decay is caused due to the attack of bacteria. In case your dental restorations have been worn away, chipped or fallen out then you will have gaps which will be the breeding place for bacteria.

You must understand that our mouth is filled with bacteria and is widely found in saliva and plaque. There is a seal between teeth and filling. If this seal breaks or gets worn out, food particles and bacteria will find it easy to cause more damage to your teeth.

It becomes difficult to remove these bacteria with the help of just the toothbrush or floss. With such difficulty the bacteria will continue to grow causing further damage by developing on the edge of dental fillings or may be right underneath it. If we do not take prompt action to treat the decayed tooth then chances are you will have to undergo root canal treatment or even tooth extraction.

Regular dental visits are required to understand the state of your dental health. In case you have dental fillings then regular dental visits will help in analyzing their current situation. Your dentist is the best person to tell you what’s wrong with your current dental restorations. They will be able to detect whether they are in place or worn out.

Dentist uses an instrument called as Explorer which detects any sort of spots around the edge of the fillings. It will help your dentist to decide whether the filling has to be kept the way it is or needs a replacement. So it is better to speak to a dentist rather than waiting till the time tooth starts hurting or crack appears. With these dental visits problems will be detected early and eventually you will avoid spending a lot of money later on for expensive dental treatments.

Dental Fillings come in various forms. With the advancement in dental treatment procedures and materials you have the option of creating a more pleasant smile and impressive teeth. There are a lot of factors which affects the performance of dental fillings Dubai. These factors are:

• Ingredients of the dental filling
• Their location
• How much load is/will be applied while chewing
• The duration and number of visits that will be required to prepare and adjust the restored tooth

Dental Fillings become mandatory when you suffer from tooth decay. There are various choices you have for dental fillings such as Amalgam, composite and glass Ionomers. Which filling is suitable for you can only be determined by your dentist. So make sure to speak with your dentist and clear your doubts before undergoing this procedure.

Dental Fillings Dubai : Dental Fillings Dentists in Dubai : Best Dental Fillings Clinic in Dubai : Top Dentists in Dubai for Dental Fillings at Best Price & Low Cost.

Dental Filling Options

A filling is a way to restore a damaged or decayed tooth to its normal function and shape. The procedure involves removing the decayed portion of the tooth, cleaning the affected area and filling the cavity with a filling material.

Not only does the filling prevent further decay of the tooth, it also prevents germs from entering the damaged portion of the tooth. Today, there are many options beyond traditional metal fillings including porcelain, composite resin and amalgam fillings.

Which type of filling is the best for you?
The type of filling material that is best for you will be determined by your dentist on the basis of certain factors. It depends on the level of repair, whether you have allergies to certain materials, the location in your mouth where the filling is needed, and, of course, the cost.

Nonetheless, the types of filling options that are available today include:


Amalgam fillings are highly resilient and relatively inexpensive. This material has been used for more than 100 years and is still widely used today. It is an alloy of elemental metals like mercury, silver, tin, and copper. Since this type of fillings are silver in color, they are not ideal for use in visible teeth near the front of the mouth. They are not as good as tooth-colored fillings. Also, due to their mercury content, it usage raises various safety concerns since high mercury exposure has been linked to neurological problems, especially in children and infants. However, studies show that dental amalgam is a safe option. The other metals stabilize the mercury and reduce the negative effects.

Composite fillings

Composite filling is generally made of glass or quartz and resin. These tooth-colored fillings are durable and more natural looking than amalgam. They are also costlier than amalgam fillings. However, composite fillings can get stained as time passes.

Porcelain fillings

Porcelain fillings, also called inlays or onlays, are made to order. They can be matched to the color of the tooth. Unlike composite fillings, they resist staining. They generally encases most portion of the tooth. However, these fillings are as expensive as gold fillings.

Glass ionomer fillings

Glass ionomer are also tooth-colored fillings. They are made using acrylic and glass and are ideal for filling cavities at the root surfaces of teeth. Glass ionomers are designed to release fluoride that helps protect your teeth from further decay. However, they are not as durable as amalgam or composite fillings. Nonetheless, they are ideal for those teeth that are not exposed to much friction during chewing.

Resin ionomer fillings

Resin ionomers are also made from acrylic and glass. These natural-looking fillers are used to fill small cavities between teeth or on the root surfaces of teeth.

Custom-made fillings

In some cases, your dentist may use a special mold to make your filling. A custom-made inlay is used to fill the cavity in the tooth and it comes with a crown that covers the top and sides of your tooth. The restoration process can take up to two or more visits. The mold can either be made from metal alloys, gold, porcelain, and/or composite materials. They are durable, but the materials used have a tendency to irritate adjacent teeth. The material used depends on the location in your mouth.

Gold fillings

Gold fillings are custom-made in a laboratory. They are well tolerated by gum tissues, and they can last more than 20 years. Owing to this, many dental experts consider gold the best filling material. However, it can be quite expensive and requires several dental visits.

If you have a cavity, you might probably need a filling. Consult your dentist and discuss your preferences as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each filling options. The dentist will be able to determine the filling material after he/she examines your overall oral health.

Dental Fillings Dubai

Dental Fillings Dubai : Dental Fillings Dentists in Dubai : Best Dental Fillings Clinic in Dubai : Top Dentists in Dubai for Dental Fillings at Best Price & Low Cost. Dental Fillings are divided into two broad categories:

  • Conventional Amalgam Fillings: These are also called as silver fillings or even mercury fillings.
  • Composite Resin Fillings: These are the colored fillings and are also called as white fillings.

You will mostly find that clinics offering dental fillings in Dubai prefer doing the composite resin fillings. In the past if you have undergone any amalgam filling then there will be additional procedure to safely remove the amalgam. The reason clinics do not prefer doing the amalgam filling is because it contains mercury which is harmful for the whole body. So the amalgam filling is removed using rubber dam and a high power suction. The idea of using high power suction pump is to avoid mercury entering the body.

However the reason why white fillings is preferred because these are chemically bonded with the teeth and do not require numbing of teeth.

After your dentist has removed the decay, the material for dental fillings Dubai will then be placed inside the tooth. Furthermore it will be hardened by curing light.

Undergoing the procedure of dental fillings in Dubai is a very simple process and you can expect little to no sensitivity. You won’t need more than one visit to the dental clinic. However if you are undergoing multiple fillings then you might have to visit clinic more than once.

Advantage of Dental Fillings

As mentioned before these fillings are also called as white fillings and this is the biggest advantage of undergoing this treatment. They match the natural color of teeth and the appearance as well. Furthermore they also restore 85-90% of the original strength of the tooth. There is no fixed location for their use. They can be used for rear or front teeth because they do not affect the aesthetics of your gums. Dental fillings Dubai may cause some sensitivity but then it gets over within two-three weeks.

Cost of Dental Fillings

The cost depends upon the size and depth of fillings. Before the procedure is started your dentist will examine your teeth and will also inform about the number of cavities that will be treated. You will have to make it a point that regular dental visits are taken every six months. The reason is that the white fillings get discolored with time. Furthermore your teeth will be examined for any new cavities.

Care of Dental Fillings

There is no rocket science involved in the care of dental fillings Dubai. You have to take care of them just like the regular teeth. Proper dental hygiene is the key here. Make sure that you brush and floss twice a day. Rinsing with fluoride mouthwash ensures that you do not have plaque accumulated. Here you need to take care that neither do you swallow the mouthwash nor do you eat anything for next 30 minutes. Apart from all this visit your dentist regularly to check the condition of fillings.

Dental Restoration

Today, there are a number of dental restoration options. It is possible to have decayed, missing or damaged teeth repaired and your smile can remain beautiful and attractive. Based on the nature of the dental problem, your dentist will carry out one of 2 restorations:

Direct Restoration – In this procedure, a filling is placed in to the tooth cavity and can be carried out in a single visit. There are a variety of filling options like resin or glass Ionomer and this is one of the commonest dental procedures. This procedure is used for teeth that are not subject to very heavy chewing pressure.

Indirect Restoration – In this procedure, customized tooth replacements are made in the form of crowns, inlays or onlays. The crown will cover the entire tooth and these procedures require more than just a single visit. Today, different materials like tooth-colored composite and porcelain are used for a more natural look. A crown is a perfect way to cover a tooth imperfection. Before the crown in fitted, the damaged/ decayed tooth will have to be treated and filled. The dentist might fill the tooth/teeth with silver amalgam, gold.

If a crown is not being used and only a filling has to be done, the dentist might offer you the choice of using a composite resin or tooth-colored plastic filling. This looks natural and does not mar your smile.

In some cases, a bridge might be used. These are false teeth that are specifically designed to bridge the gap that has been created by the missing tooth/teeth. They can be anchored to either side by crowns or may be cemented permanently in place.

Dental implants are replacement roots for the teeth. They are a small metal post that is placed in the bone socket where there are missing teeth. This implant is then covered with a crown made of metal or composite material.

Some people opt for dentures. These replacements are removable and cover the missing teeth as well as the surrounding tissue. These dentures are made of acrylic resin and may have some metal attachments in them. Complete dentures are replacements for the entire set of teeth. It is also possible to get partial dentures fitted. These are attached to the other teeth with the use of metal clasps. When you go to a dentist for treatment, they will provide you with all these options.

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