Composite Fillings Dubai : Composite White Fillings. Teeth Filling Dubai. Dental Fillings in Dubai. Cavity & Tooth Filling Price & Cost in Dubai UAE.
Composite Fillings Dubai : Composite White Fillings. Teeth Filling Dubai. Dental Fillings in Dubai. Cavity & Tooth Filling Price & Cost in Dubai UAE.

Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings Dubai : Composite White Fillings. Teeth Filling Dubai. Dental Fillings in Dubai. Cavity & Tooth Filling Price & Cost in Dubai UAE. Composite resins are plastic mixtures that are clinically used in a variety of ways to restore or repair portions of misshapen or impacted teeth. The most common application of composite fillings is to fill in the tooth cavities (esp. molars) that have tooth decay.

Composite Fillings procedure is done mainly on children, because their knack for sweets most of the time leads to. The durability of the composite resin is not expected to last a lifetime, depending on the tolerance and the method used to seal the crater of the cavity. More recently, new synthetic resins have been created that are expected to last for decades.

The main materials used on composite fillings are silica, porcelain/ceramic particles, resin and quartz crystals. These materials make up for the natural, nearly invisible finish of the composite inlay, a far better (and now preferred alternative) to the once toxic and unsightly silver amalgam using in fillings. The resin used naturally bond with the tooth, leaving an almost indistinct finish.

Composite resins were once used to reinforce the front teeth from breakage due to eating habits. But as time passed by and newer polymers have been developed, the composition of the resin has been stronger than ever, paving the way to not only utilize the fillings for front, but also for the back teeth (molars). This has significantly helped children and adults for any onset of tartar and decay, both of which are common, even on regularly brushed teeth. Tooth fractures and misshapen teeth have been the cause of frequent pain. Composite fillings prevent this from happening by reinforcing and conditioning the enamel of the tooth.

Amalgam fillings are easier to install than silver amalgam fillings, and don’t require as much preparation as the latter. Silver amalgam fillings require an undercut (removal of vital tooth portions); composite fillings do not. Plus, the drying and setting process of composite fillings is estimated to be only 40 seconds after shining an intense light on the material. Most schools offer students silver amalgam fillings for free, because of the very low cost of the material, as opposed to composite fillings, whose materials are quite costly and therefore, at the most, only offered by private dental clinics.

Depending on the severity of the decayed tooth, one is given the option by the dentist to choose between composite and amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings are prone to breakage, and therefore become costlier as succeeding refills pass by. The degree of breakage of composite fillings is only minimal (but still dependent on the application by the dentist).

Composite fillings are well-known for the aesthetics they produce, but they should also be regarded for the durability and longetivity that they are truly acclaimed for. A lot of people only had composite fillings done once or twice in their lifetime, because rapidly improving degree of strength the bonded resin produces.

Another upside to the use of dental fillings is that they can also be color-tinted to suit the preferences of the patient. To rid yourself of potentially fractured teeth, especially molars, try consulting your dentist on what teeth need composite fillings. It is also suggested that you immediately go to your local dentist if your teeth get fractured or chip off, so immediate remedy can be applied.

Composite Fillings Dubai

Composite Fillings Dubai : Composite White Fillings. Teeth Filling Dubai. Dental Fillings in Dubai. Cavity & Tooth Filling Price & Cost in Dubai UAE. When it comes to a beautiful smile, most people love to have bright, white teeth. It is no different when a cavity pops up and needs a filling. While silver fillings have been used for over 100 years in dentistry, newer composite fillings allow dentists to treat decay and maintain a natural appearance to the tooth.

Composite fillings are tooth colored restorations that are made to match the existing color of your tooth. A tooth shade guide is used to select the most appropriate color of restoration for your mouth. This gives dentists the ability to correct as much decay as needed, with little to no impact on the appearance of the tooth.

Many people choose composite fillings over silver (amalgam) fillings due to their appearance, but they also may be doing their teeth a favor. For a tooth colored filling to be placed, far less tooth structure needs to be prepared. For silver fillings, more of the tooth structure is ground down or removed in order for the filling to stay in place.

This means composite fillings can help promote overall tooth stability since less of the tooth is removed. There is less of a risk for the tooth to become weak and break or crack off. Because they are less invasive, composite fillings are naturally smaller. If a composite filling needs to be changed out, there is more tooth to work with. Amalgam fillings are difficult to replace after even one time, as there may not be enough tooth structure to work with. For those cases, the next step is a crown. Composite fillings help prevent more invasive treatments like crowns, thereby resulting in a more natural smile.

Amalgam fillings can also leave discoloration inside of the tooth and gums. In the gums this is called an “amalgam tattoo.” When the color has leached into the tissue it causes a dark shade that usually does not go away. Aging amalgam fillings also cause a bluish hue to creep into the enamel around the filling. With composite fillings there is no risk of this happening, as the filling is the color of the teeth and not made up of metal alloys.

Composite Fillings Dubai

Composite Fillings Dubai : Composite White Fillings. Teeth Filling Dubai. Dental Fillings in Dubai. Cavity & Tooth Filling Price & Cost in Dubai UAE. Dental restorations that bond directly to the tooth can last as long as traditional restorations, which do not. Older restorations that contain metal include amalgam fillings (made of silver, tin and mercury) and fused metal crowns.

Composite fillings have many benefits including their aesthetics, being mercury free, and less of an impact on the surrounding tooth structure for them to be placed. In the case of very large fillings needing to be placed, larger composite fillings can outlast the life span of large amalgam fillings. (1) Composite fillings bond directly to the tooth structure so rather than filling a cavity, they are essentially recreating the tooth structure of that area. Amalgam fillings are simply wedged into these areas, and when they run out of tooth to hold them in, they can cause fractures to the enamel and fall out.

When a tooth requires a filling that is too large, a crown is placed on the tooth. This recreates the area of the tooth above the gumline, so that the entire tooth can be kept as long as possible. Because it covers the entire surface above the gums, it can also withstand normal use without compromising the stability of the remaining tooth structure.

While tooth colored crowns have been around for several years, the older ones were fused to a metal base and then the metal surface was cemented onto the prepared tooth. Newer crowns can be fabricated entirely out of tooth colored porcelain structure, and then bonded directly to the tooth.

In the past whenever gums receded away from a crown, the metal base would show as a dark line against the tooth. Likewise, if ever a small sliver of porcelain came off of a fused metal crown, the underlying metal would show through. Because fused metal crowns are fabricated in a laboratory at high temperatures, there was never an option to correct these aesthetic problems inside of the patient’s mouths. The only option was to wait until the life of the crown elapsed and then replace it entirely. Newer composite and resin crowns are now made entirely of porcelain. There is never a risk of having underlying metal show again.

Patients are choosing metal free restorations for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s because they are more aesthetic, the low impact that they make on your teeth, or that they do not contain mercury, the choices and benefits are great. Silver fillings have been used in dentistry for over a hundred years, but that doesn’t mean we need to keep using them. There are more beautiful options available to dental patients such as direct bonded composite fillings and crowns.

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